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Chaitanya Refractory Pvt Ltd. is a closely held Company having its registered office in Kolkata, India. The Company was incorporated in the year 1995. We have a long experience in secondary refractory raw material & recycling of Used Refractory. We have a plant near Kolkata which is equipped with all kinds of modern crushing, grinding & screening equipments. We cater to all important refractory plants in India. We also cater to glass plants by supplying them re-usable AZS blocks. Recently we have started production of Alumino Silicate powders for ceramic industry. 

Our Mission:
Recycle secondary raw materials to lessen the burden on mines & reduce the cost. 
To develop usage of waste alumina & other materials. 
Minimize landfilling. 
To serve customers with quality & cost effective raw material solution.

Our Business Model:
The Company, at present, is engaged in manufacturing and trading activities of raw materials meant for producing refractory products. There are two main revenue streams – one involving recycled Alumina based materials generated from various refractory units and the other involving virgin raw materials like sillimanite and bauxite. The Company imports raw materials (mainly used refractory) from Europe and North America for re-processing. It has dedicated vendors within India for sourcing virgin raw materials like sillimanite and bauxite. The expertise developed in-house for the segregation and processing of all raw materials is unique and helps the Company to deliver customer-specific, tailor-made refractory raw material solutions for various applications. The main customers are Calderys, Tata Krosaki Refractories, OCL India Ltd & Shandong Refractories (China). We work very closely with our customers as most of our products are customized to serve a specific need. 

Chaitanya Refractory Pvt Ltd.

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